Segev Concept
Segev Concept Tel-Aviv | Sarona Market, 3 Kalman Magen St. Tel-Aviv | 11:00 - 22:00
Segev Concept Kefar Sava | Ashland Mall, 4 Atir Yeda St. Kefir Sava | Sun-Wed 12:00 - 23:30, Thu-Sat 12:00 - 00:30
Segev Concept Kiryat Bialik | Kiryon Mall, 192 Ako road St. Kiryat Bialik | Sun-Sat 11:45- 23:00
Segev Concept Netanya | Cinema city area, 2 Hamehkar St. Netanya | Sun-Sat 12:00- 23:00
Segev Concept Beer-Sheva | Ispro Planet area, 2 Baruch Kantina St. Beer-Sheva | Sun-Sat 11:30- 23:00

Chef Segev takes his extensive experience in the culinary world and combines all the different cuisines that he works with on a daily basis under one roof, from the industrial foods, where he works with mass quantities, through to culinary treats from his gourmet restaurants. "Segev Concept" is a delicious conceptual gastronomic experience which combines flavors and raw ingredients. Haute cuisine served in a fast, street food style. "Segev Concept" combines the automated food industry with high quality raw ingredients - a mix between modern industry and the meticulous chef's kitchen, which is found in the "Segev" restaurants. Chef Segev has always relished eating at local Shawarma stands, and now he has decided to take this enticing recipe to a new level and blend it with classic and successful flavors from all over the world. "Segev Concept" combines three food stands in one site: At "Segev Concept" you'll find combinations of flavors and aromas from east and west, all on one plate, as part of the beloved, classic Israeli Shawarma recipe. At "Segev Concept" we make our dumplings fresh on site, bringing flavors from over the world to our clientele. Chef Segev will introduce you to his favorite flavors from his travels around the world. At "Segev Concept", for the first time, we have taken our favorite, classic desserts and mixed the flavors and textures on one plate, connecting everything together in a large glass, served as one generous, decadent helping.

שגב קונספט תל אביב
Segev Concept Rishon le zion
Segev Concept Rishon le zion
שגב קונספט כפר סבא
Segev Concept Kiryon
שגב קונספט נתניה
שגב קונספט נתניה
שגב קונספט באר שבע
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