About Segev
Segev Moshe
Segev Moshe, one of Israel's most loved celebrity chefs, brings culinary combinations from around the world to the Israeli kitchen. Segev owns five restaurants: his gourmet restaurant "Segev" in Herzliya Pituah is ranked as one of Israel's top ten restaurants; "Segev Express Ramat HaHayal" and "Segev Express Rishon LeZion" which offer dishes crafted from the finest, freshest ingredients, infused with creativity and principles of good nutrition; the "Segev Kitchen Garden" in Hod HaSharon offers a delightful Israeli culinary experience with a menu that features dishes of both Eastern and Western cuisine, all of which are enhanced by the flavors of the fresh herbs which are picked from the restaurant's nursery right in front of the patrons; and the new "Segev Concept" - three fast food stalls with a unique and innovative concept that are located in the Sharona Market in Tel Aviv.
Segev has published four cookbooks to date: "Diary of a Chef", which describes his day-to-day routine in a documentary-like way. In this book Segev reveals his recipes (even the most secret ones), as well as personal experiences and stories. The book features over one hundred recipes in which Segev describes his cooking process, step by step. "Segev Express" is a bestseller that features a wide variety of fast and delicious recipes, all of which can be made in a home kitchen and will achieve impressive results in a short time. "From the Market to the Kitchen" is Segev's third book. For this project, for the first time, Segev took all the pictures himself using his phone camera. In this book Segev enlightens the readers and shows them how to serve home cooked food in an effortlessly and elegant manner.In Segev’s forth book, “My Family Kitchen", you will find a diverse collection of quick and easy recipes for dishes that you will be proud to present at your next dinner party, including desserts that are always a hit, all made with ease. The book even contains a shopping list of ingredients that can be purchased in any supermarket.
Tv and Projects

Since 2002 Segev has been a popular cooking show host on Israel's "Reshet" Channel 2. His shows include, "Segev's Here to Cook", "Excite Your Taste Buds with Segev", "Around the World with Segev”, "Segev - the Show" and more. Besides all of that, Segev is also the Head Chef of El Al, the Israeli airline, as owner of "Segev Jet Gourmet", a gourmet catering catering company that serves private planes.