Segev Kitchen Garden Hod Hsharon
Segev Kitchen Garden Hod Hsharon | 2 Harakoon St. Hod Hasharon | +972.(0)77.4142025 ext 1
Opening Hours Sun-Sat 12:00-23:00 / Business Lunch: Sun-Thu 12:00-16:45 / Dinner: 17:00-23:00/

"Segev Kitchen Garden" is Chef Segev Moshe's restaurant in Hod Hasharon. The gastronomic experience at "Segev Kitchen Garden" is influenced by the cheery Israeli way of dining, where the first course of generous, fresh and colorful dishes is served directly to the center of the table, even before the customers place their orders. Thus, the duration of the meal is shortened in order to allow the diners to get back to their fast-paced routines. The experience is Israeli but the food is inspired by different flavors from around the world. Here, where east meets west, all the dishes include fresh herbs which are picked during the meal from the restaurant's nursery, right in front of the patrons. The restaurant's main courses are ordered in the traditional way and are served on crockery that matches the ambiance of the nursery, made of metal, stone, and different planters. Albeit the unique interior of “Segev Kitchen Garden”, which is different to any other restaurant in Israel, it offers diners a warm and down-to-earth experience.

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