Segev Express Tel-Aviv | 38 Habarzel St. Ramat HaHayal Tel-Aviv | +972.(0)77.4142025 ext 2
Opening Hours Sun-Sat 12:00-23:00 / Business Lunch: Sun-Thu 12:00-17:00

After returning from his travels in Israel and around the world, Chef Segev realized the growing culinary need for healthy, tasty, fast and inexpensive food, made from excellent produce. After giving considerable thought to this need, Segev Moshe brought his vision to life in the form of “Segev Express”. The “Segev Express” menu is adapted to today's modern, fast-paced lifestyle and boasts a variety of pasta, pizza and taboon baked chicken dishes, as well as fresh and healthy salads - all served quickly, with superb presentation and at affordable prices. All “Segev Express” dishes may be eaten in the sleekly designed restaurant or taken out to the office or home. As expected of an express restaurant that understands the needs of its clientele, “Segev Express” offers its patrons a variety of business lunches every day.

הזמנת משלוח הזמנת שולחן